Starting a New Job

Tips for a strong beginning We know how intimidating and overwhelming starting a new job can be. You have been searching for this job for months now, right? Interview after an interview, sometimes you got a feedback other you heard nothing, we know how exhausted you are. However, you don’t have to worry about starting this new job, we will give you tips that you can follow to have a strong start at...

CV Tip #2

Master you CV as an Engineer When it comes to displaying your work experience, your goal is to attract the employer’s attention in just a few seconds. Please follow the next steps to know what details to write in your experience section. Your company’s name and the period of the project, then add: 1-Client’s name. 2-Project Management Company name. 3-Contractor’s...

CV Tip #1

Personal information to be added on your CV Make sure that your personal details and contact information are clear and visible to the employer. Moreover, always place them at a visible place so they are the first thing that catches the interviewer’s attention. Preferably place them at the top of your resume. Personal information to be added: Your name, make it clear...

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