CV Tip #1

Personal information to be added on your CV

Make sure that your personal details and contact information are clear and visible to the employer. Moreover, always place them at a visible place so they are the first thing that catches the interviewer’s attention. Preferably place them at the top of your resume.

Personal information to be added:

  • Your name, make it clear and with a slightly larger font than the rest of the CV. If you have a long name, then it is preferable to write your first and last name.
  • Current Address, as sometimes the employer needs to know your location since they would prefer a candidate that is near to their location.
  • Phone number, so the employer can easily reach you if he/she has any inquiries about your CV. Furthermore, if you are applying for abroad work opportunities, then you should write your country’s dialing code.
  • Email address, to allow the employer to get in touch with you if he/she fails to reach you on the phone. In addition, it is an easier and a more professional way to send documents and interact with the employer. Most importantly, make sure that you have a professional and an appropriate email address that includes your first and last name.

Here is an example of a professional email address: “[email protected]

Why should you write those 4 main personal details?

Considering our experience in the recruitment field, if an interviewer or a recruiter fails to easily find your personal information in a CV, he/she will not search for it for long. Hence, you might lose a great job opportunity that might have changed your career life.


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