Starting a New Job

Tips for a strong beginning

We know how intimidating and overwhelming starting a new job can be. You have been searching for this job for months now, right? Interview after an interview, sometimes you got a feedback other you heard nothing, we know how exhausted you are. However, you don’t have to worry about starting this new job, we will give you tips that you can follow to have a strong start at your new job.

A week before you start

After the interview phase and signing the agreement, you should start learning and preparing few things before your actual start date.

Search the industry & the company

  • You need to carefully search the new industry you are about to be involved in, especially If it is new to you.
  • You have probably searched for the company’s background before you went to the interview. However, you should do further research on the culture of the company, know their beliefs and values.
  • Also, a quick LinkedIn search on the company’s employees and managers can give you an overview on how to deal with your co-workers. In addition, it can give you a glimpse on their interests and can give you an idea of future potential discussions with them.
  • Ask your manager on your working times, lunch break, and what they will provide for you to work with.
  • If you will work from home or with your own laptop, you must check that your laptop, storage, internet, and the software you will use are working properly.
  • Practice the work route, know how much time it will take you to arrive, sense the traffic and the parking spots. This will help you to avoid being late on your first day.
  • Ask your manager about the dress code of the company to be ready with multiple outfits for at least your first week
  • Ask if you need to prepare any tasks or material before your first day at work.

Your first week

Now that you got a preview on what you should do before you start, we will tell you what to do during your first week.

  • When it comes to your outfits, you need to prepare them the night before to avoid being late or having any undesirable event happening, like not finding your shirt in the morning.
  • During your first day you must not show up late, this might give a bad first impression about you that might not get changed easily.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask, you are not an expert and you are still in the learning phase. Therefore, it is totally fine to keep asking questions regarding your new job and your work environment.
  • Always make sure to take notes, whether from your manager or co-workers you will definitely learn a new thing from them.
  • Try to make friendships with your teammates and managers through little chats and un-personal questions.

General Tips for your job

  • Always be open for discussion and keep an open mind. You will be meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds, so you must learn how to respect them.
  • Learn how to listen and think before you speak, this will help you avoid any misunderstanding or any action happening out of anger.
  • You must be aware of your rights, the benefits you will get out of work. Ask whether you will have access to medical or social insurance or not.
  • Also, ask if the work offers you any kind of courses or programs that you can grow your skills with.
  • Most importantly, avoid gossiping, don’t say any bad things on your co-workers. The words will spread and you will end up with endless problems.
  • Furthermore, the first 3 months are the most important ones, they are your probation period. You will either prove yourself to be worth keeping or not. Thus, no matter what happens make sure you successfully pass those first 3 months (for some companies the probation period is 6 months).
  • Whenever someone helps you, say thank you. Showing that you are grateful can go a long way and people will enjoy helping you in the future.

Follow those steps and we assure you that you will enjoy your new job. However, always remember to be confident, the company accepted you because they saw a potential in you. They know you are capable of doing the tasks you will be assigned for. It is just a matter of time until you master your job, so take a breath and enjoy your gross and development process.

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